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  •   1. It is a FEATHER on the cap of K.E.T, there by on the CROWN of Gowda (Ediga, Setti Balija, Sri Sayana & Yaata ) community to have been issued by the Income Tax Department, Govt. of India, 80 G Tax exemption certificate.
  •   2. The K.E.T management does not spend at least a PAISA FROM the donations received by Philanthropists. If at all, there is expenditure FROM the Trust Account, it is the amount charged by the bank for issuing additional CHEQUE books for the distribution of scholarships, because we pay the scholarship amount through cheques only.

    Audit Report of the Financial year, 2017 – 2018 is shown. Please see the attachment.
  •   3. Every Year, we invite all the students who are selected on Merit & Poverty Basis, starting from S.S.C to Ph.D on a particular date around the Festival of VIJAYADASAMI, from both Andhra & Telangana States.

    We invite the parents and many interested persons who feel for the development of our Gowda Community.

    Our Trust arranges a SUMPTUOUS Break Fast, snacks and reasonable LUNCH for about 1200 to 1400 persons, including the Beneficiary students.

    Our expenditure for the Function will be around 2.5 LAKH rupees. This amount fully MET by the one LAKH Donors of the Trust.

    LAST but not the least, the selection of the students is purely on the Basis of Merit & Poverty. No recommendations are entertainer at any level.