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A trust to encourage the poor and meritorious students of GOWDA, SETTIBALIJA, EDIGA, SRI SAYANA, YAATA CASTES & OTHERS.

My dear brothers and sisters of the above castes, I, Dr. E. V. Narayana, Founder and Chairman of the KAUNDINYA EDUCATIONAL TRUST, want to bring to your kind heart the need for registering such a trust on 06.05.2005.

You all are aware that Education is the most important tool for the Development of any Community in the world. But surprisingly in India, “Education and Ruling” were limited to only a few VARNAS since thousands of years. At the same time, more than 95% of the castes were not allowed by the social system either to learn education or to rule the kingdoms until the starting of British rule in India. Though the British rule provided opportunities for all castes, many castes did not go for education by sticking themselves to their traditional professions because of the regimentation of caste system. But , a few Sudra Varna groups like Kammas and Reddys in Andra Pradesh shifted to education at the earliest motivated by a social reformer and poet Tripuraneni Rama Swamy Chowdary and a great educationist Kattamanchi Rama Linga Reddy, repectively. Presently they have reached to such heights in all fields where we can not compete them in the near future.