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My dear brothers & Sisters, I request you all to be participants in our Endeavour to help our people to develop in all fields. You don’t need to donate lakhs of Rupees. Just spare a minimum of Rs. 10,000/- per annum. If you are an NRI, keep just 25 dollars or pounds per month and send it to on line account of the KAUNDINYA EDUCATIONAL TRUST. By the end of a year, you will be helping at least two engineering or medicine students. In this process, each NRI helps two students and if we assume that there are 5000 NRI’s, they help 10000 students in a year. See dear gentlemen! how your small contributions helps 1000s of students to get educated. So, please be a partner in the development of our poor Gowdas and enjoy the status of our community in the society in course of time. We don’t need to be Buffets & Bill Gates. But, take a cue from their appeal and help at your level to your own people. Never forget that your status depends upon the status of your caste people in society.