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Coming to our community, the percentage of educated is so negligible, compared to the percentage of our population in Andhra Pradesh. Our leaders are still fighting for concessions to the toddy tappers. If this continues, the backwardness of our community still increases. Even if some students want to pursue higher education, they are unable to do it because the fee structure of higher education has become beyond the capacity of these poor and down-trodden. Here comes the need of the highly educated employees and rich people of our community to help the poor for their education and improve the status in course of time, on par with the well developed castes. No doubt, this is a very long term plan but there must be some “organized beginning”. That is the reason why the KAUNDINYA EDUCATIONAL TRUST was started.

  •   1. Motivating the poor and meritorious students of not only our community to pursue higher education by sanctioning merit scholarships, but also other castes who are deprived of education due to poverty and ignorance.
  •   2. Encouraging the unity among Gowdas and the sub-castes like Settibalija, Ediga, Sri Sayana and Yaata (GESSY).
  •   3. Requesting the rich among our people to help the poor for pursuing higher studies.